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Hey Everybody!  
     I have been working since I believe June 2016 on getting my website ( up & running!  It has been a slow but exciting process.  I have been putting in time whenever possible, between my full time job at Bank of America, and finishing up my last year at Johnson and Wales University, to make this dream a reality.
     I originally started selling online in high school, when my mom showed me how to sell books on  This eventually led me to branching out by 2012 into in which I ventured into selling vintage, retro & antique products ( ).  
     I have always been a fan on vintage, retro & antique products.  My nana used to work at the white elephant, which is a thrift store in Naples, Florida, and my mom took me shopping at thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army) and stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls my entire life.  
     I have always got a high from finding the most unique items at a good price.  I also have always had, I guess what you can refer to as an eclectic sense of style.  Whenever I would find something really unique, even if it wasn't a "brand name", I just had to get it.  An example is, when I was visiting my nana at the white elephant, I found this handbag shaped as a pelican.  It was a big bag, handcrafted, sewn with fabric that was a pelican as well as being shaped as a pelican.  I just had to have it.  It took me so many years to part with that bag.  I just thought it was so unique and cool.  I have still never seen a bag like that to this day.
     By the year 2014, I had heard of "Etsy", which I heard you could sell vintage and handmade items.  This really interested me.  Of course I had a huge passion for vintage items, but I also have a huge passion for handcrafted items.  I opened my etsy, ( ), knowing that this was going to be a perfect outlet to expand my creativity I had abandoned for so many years of making jewelry and various arts and crafts.  It felt so good and inspiring to start venturing into such a meaningful part of my past.  I was always excited when I visited my nana, to show her my shop and the various jewelry I had been working out.
     My nana taught me so many crafts while I was growing up.  She always told everyone that I was her favorite grandchild.  She would brag to all her friends how I threaded my first needle at 5 years old.  My cousins always joked saying that I was just like nana.  My current partner made jokes that I reminded them of their nana.  I always laughed this off, as I thought nana was crazy.  My nana always glued multi color rhinestones onto all her glasses & would try to do this to mine as I was sleeping.  She had a saying " DO IT NOW! " in which she literally cut out fabric cut out into this phrase and would decoupage onto walls of houses she was renting.  She decoupaged fabric onto her doors, onto rocks, onto furniture, she taught me how to knit, sew, make saches, garden, make bouquets, cook, bake, and I could go on forever about how much I really learned from her that really makes up who I am today.  
     My nana passed just about a year ago, at 90 years old ( ).  She was ready to go, she always wanted to go be with her husband after his passing, she would tell me all the time.  I know she is happy now, but I always think about her and how much she really influenced my entire being without me even knowing it for so long.  She always gave me these fur coats in which I used to think the were so weird... and now they are like a staple item for me. Its if she knew me better then I knew myself... because I even knew who I was going to be.  I always am making things, doing things, or looking at items and finding myself head over heels or really excited for the item... only to think... this is so nana.
     I miss her, and I hope she knew how much of an impact she had on my life. Although it is not always easy to create such a vision while juggling a full time job, school, and the daily grind... this is my passion, and is deeply rooted in who I am, and I am going to continue to work and grow my vision of Violette Dame, as I can feel her inspiration always near and running through my veins.
    Thank you for sticking by for this journey, and know that Violette Dame is here to stay, and every piece is made with tender care, inspiration, and warm love.  I treat every customer as if you are family and truly care that you are happy with your experience.  I know how it feels to have poor interactions and experiences, and I do not want to ever cause someone to feel that way.
   I love you all!
     XoXo Violette Dame (aka Christa)

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